Walking is the easiest exercise to practice and basic – no skills required, can be done almost any time of the day and anywhere and has no age restriction. In addition, the activity is beneficial for several areas of health and relaxes your mind and helps keep the weight in days. Check out seven reasons to adopt this habit.


Healthy lung

The lung is much benefited during this exercise. That’s because walking helps strengthen the exchange of gases that occur in the body. Thus, the lung can quickly expel impurities.

Fighting depression

During walking, the body releases endorphins, the hormone responsible for feelings of well being and relaxation. The habit of exercising makes this production becomes increasingly automatic and efficient. Read the rest of this entry »

If you are just starting to exercise, or you have decided to increase or change your routine, you may feel a sharp pain in the muscles more work, which can last for days and affect your subsequent performance. Today we give you some tips to reduce muscle soreness after physical exertion.

reduce muscle soreness

Food and muscle pain

First, food plays an important role in the recovery of muscles. It is advisable, right after training-in the next two hours, so that we can absorb what we have food for energy and achieve the body to recover – eat a meal based on complex carbs, protein, and fat (unsaturated fatty acids).

It could be brown rice with chicken, quinoa, broccoli and a tablespoon of walnut oil, protein smoothie and a piece of fruit. In case you do not have time to prepare something or not be very skilled with the kitchen, even a slice of pizza from the night before is better than nothing. Read the rest of this entry »

Follow a routine of yoga does not have to take many hours of the day, as there are different asanas which can be practiced in a short time. Now we will teach two routines of yoga in 10 minutes you can make in your spare time.


Routine 1

Start by practicing the mountain pose. Start the routine of standing with legs together, heels apart and arms at the sides with palms facing forward. Close your eyes and joined hands in the center of the chest. Stay in this pose for three deep breaths.

Then put your arms overhead and interlace your fingers except the thumb and forefinger. Squeeze your arms against your ears and move your torso to the right as you inhale. As you exhale, return to center and repeat again but left. Perform this exercise 4 times on each side and returns to the mountain pose. Read the rest of this entry »

If your goal is still to get rid of the extra kilos or promote loss of body fat, then increase caloric expenditure can be of great help. For this, we recommend applying small tricks that allow you to burn more calories with your workout.

burn more calories

Factors that affect caloric expenditure

The calories you burn with daily physical activity can be highly variable depending on different factors that determine caloric expenditure from exercise. Among these there are some factors that can not be easily modified such as age, environmental temperature or body mass and others that are perfectly modified with small changes in our routine.

For example, while we can not change the weather to burn more calories when we go out for a run, if we can choose appropriate sports apparel to reduce or increase the effect of ambient temperature in our body. Read the rest of this entry »

Be sure to know these 6 machines in the gym to be avoided; not everything is for everyone, and so there are some that are best not used if you want to maintain good and harmonious body shape. When you don’t have a coach or is a lack of information, so machine can be harmful.

fitness equipment

1. Stretching legs sitting on machine

This according to the expert Marrone (specialist fitness classes), is not a good exercise because it is unnatural, because you have to move the machine as it does. Moreover, it also ensures that you’re sitting working for several hours and then get to the gym to sit again is not a good idea. It is better to do squats, this way you will move and can prevent injuries.

2. Do not do chest exercises sitting

Again it stresses how unnatural this exercise to the body, since it generates a great tension in the area. The ideal would be to replace you did pushups as your status (advanced or novice) so you can work every muscle in the area, not just a group of them so isolated as blocks machines. Read the rest of this entry »

When trying to burn body fat, should follow certain principles, namely practicing any kind of sport. Physical exercise should be done properly to consume body fat reserves. Any form of exercise forces you to use muscles, which leads to burning fat, and a benefit of all positive changes associated with exercise in question.

Tips to burn fat effectively

However, there are simple ways to ensure you are actually burning body fat. In any case, it should follow several guidelines that help recover the line and reduce fat mass.

The best activity adapted

This is the type of exercise that is performed in order to burn fat. The best exercises to consume excess fat are those that can be practiced continuously and involve as many muscle groups (especially the large muscles of the hips and legs). Read the rest of this entry »

Even in times of high heat, practicing a sport is beneficial, what is important is to choose the most appropriate time. Engage in physical activity causes an increase in internal body temperature due to the energy cost. In summer, high temperatures and sunlight make the temperature rise, and this is why they sweat more, as the body needs to stay at a normal temperature.

playing sports with heat

Today we offer you some tips when playing sports with heat, so you can enjoy this as healthy activity.

Basic tips for sports in summer

It is better to practice a sport in the morning or at the end of the day when it is cooler and that is not exposed to strong sunlight. In this way we get our performance is better, the body can feel more comfortable, and especially less minerals lost during exercise. And if by chance really too hot, what’s good is to exercise at home, where it normally is cooler and you can use a fan. Read the rest of this entry »

If you want to achieve steel arms but no longer attend the gym or you do not have machines or sporting goods, we give you a last alternative to train your arms at home using just your own body.

Train your arms at home

The body and home to train arms

To train all arm muscles, including biceps, triceps, forearms and shoulders, without using machines or expensive equipment, we will use the body and your home for a good physical work.

Among the elements that we can use at home find a stool and a towel or mat if we have more than just the ground to support our own hands. Read the rest of this entry »

Integrating various Eastern and Western theories the Pilates method focuses especially on anything related to the development of core muscles to achieve balance and maintain body provide strength and stability to the area of ​​the spine.


Another feature that has become a routine training so popular is that Pilates can be practiced by anyone and is especially recommended for better posture and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Considering that the skin shrinks after losing weight slowly is necessary to adopt some method that will strengthen your abdominal muscles and regain their strength, especially for it being recommended practice Pilates as through their routines based on different positions precise movements may be made by activating all muscle groups and alternating or combining them differently from the form of conventional exercises. Read the rest of this entry »

Physical exercise is something healthy. In fact, whatever you choose will always be positive to keep fit and enjoy an iron.

Daily activities

However, when we think of weight loss, lose weight or improve considerably our figure, we practice those activities that are burning more calories and allow us to get better results in a short time, of which we speak today.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Running: running or jogging, as it is known in Spanish, is the sport that makes us consume more calories. In fact, her pose half hour we download anything unless 450 calories, so we can afford the occasional treat. Read the rest of this entry »