Benefits of the Practice of Spinning

Many people have become addicted to spinning since it is a very effective way to condition the body. The lack of exercise can lead to physical risks cardiovascular, so the practice of sport is the best thing for our health. The spinning is a practical exercise help remove surface fat, fighting overweight favoring venous dilation,

The 10 products that MAKE a home gym

Admit it, no matter how confident you feel, are, or act, you have some part of your body you would change. How do I know that, because we are all human, we strive to improve and we are never happy. I am a home gym convert, after University and falling into a long term relationship

How To Reduce Muscle Soreness After Physical Exertion

If you are just starting to exercise, or you have decided to increase or change your routine, you may feel a sharp pain in the muscles more work, which can last for days and affect your subsequent performance. Today we give you some tips to reduce muscle soreness after physical exertion. Food and muscle pain

6 Fitness Equipment That We Should Avoid

Be sure to know these 6 machines in the gym to be avoided; not everything is for everyone, and so there are some that are best not used if you want to maintain good and harmonious body shape. When you don’t have a coach or is a lack of information, so the machine can be

Tips To Burn Fat Effectively

When trying to burn body fat, should follow certain principles, namely practicing any kind of sport. Physical exercise should be done properly to consume body fat reserves. Any form of exercise forces you to use muscles, which leads to burning fat, and a benefit of all positive changes associated with exercise in question. However, there

Tips When Playing Sports With Heat

Even in times of high heat, practicing a sport is beneficial, what is important is to choose the most appropriate time. Engage in physical activity causes an increase in internal body temperature due to the energy cost. In summer, high temperatures and sunlight make the temperature rise, and this is why they sweat more, as

Train Your Arms At Home Using Just Your Own Body

If you want to achieve steel arms but no longer attend the gym or you do not have machines or sporting goods, we give you the last alternative to training your arms at home using just your own body. The body and home to train arms To train all arm muscles, including biceps, triceps, forearms

Pilates To Strengthen The Abdomen

Integrating various Eastern and Western theories the Pilates method focuses especially on anything related to the development of core muscles to achieve balance and maintain body provide strength and stability to the area of the spine. Another feature that has become a routine training so popular is that Pilates can be practiced by anyone and is

Daily Activities That Burn More Calories

Physical exercise is something healthy. In fact, whatever you choose will always be positive to keep fit and enjoy an iron. However, when we think of weight loss, lose weight or improve considerably our figure, we practice those activities that are burning more calories and allow us to get better results in a short time,

Functions And Use Of The Spinning Bike

The indoor cycling must consider placement on the bike for the effort. In this case, we do not see affected either by road or by circulation. In addition, bicycles are often placed in front of a mirror. Functions and use of the spinning bike It should, therefore, take advantage of these small advantages to verify