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Exercising with a swing stick promises a gentle strength workout that uses mainly the upper body region. Through proper use of the training is also very supportive attitude.

Swing Stick training

Swing the stick, or also called Flexi-enforced by rapid impulses that arise when moving back and forth, optimal use of the muscles. Depending on the exercise can also be different body parts, such as back or chest, are trained preferred.

What should we consider when training with the Swing Stick?

  • It is particularly important in this sport device to have the right posture. Think of it as straight as possible with your legs slightly spread out and make sure that the feet look slightly outward. Bend your knees and pull your shoulders back. The view is directed forward so that the spine is erect.
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The Swing Stick or Flexi is a fitness device; its handling is some getting used to, but in the promises of adequate training application one more astonishing success.

swing stick exercise

The swing stick is a long, flexible rod with a reinforced center section and often spherical or cylindrical weights on both ends. To the train one picks up the pole in the middle and put them through rhythmic movements in motion. These then develop a quasi independent life, which you must collect by muscle work. In this way can be a variety of muscle groups and strengthen the coordination should be improved. Read the rest of this entry »