Stress is a natural part of life. Whether the source is your job, family or your internal dialogue, it can be a drain on your physical and mental resources.

negative energy

Alternative therapies and complementary medicines have emerged more in Westernized societies with an aim to ease people into bridging a gap between their mental associations and their physical being. Although many of these therapies are glorified with commercialism and portrayed as the fab-new-flavor of the month, distracting the underlying message that they represent can make a positive impact on anyone’s life.

Negative energy is simply the increase in vibration of molecules in our body caused by an external stressor. This can be from mental strain or physical stress.

This means that stress in the form of financial trouble, health of a loved one, strained relationships and work problems can lead to our bodies–on the molecular level– to alter their function in an attempt to create higher levels of energy to help solve the issue (scientifically: increase in the production of the stress hormone cortisol). If this negative energy is not alleviated, the pent up stress patterns in our body can lead to physical ailments!

Drawing attention to these areas of stress can help you to achieve control over them and ultimately overcome and prevent their re-occurrance!

Take yourself out of the situation which is harming your system. Understand the source of your stressor.

You have pinpointed what it is, now understand that it has a negative affect on you. Making this association can help you prevent physical manifestation of negative energy in the future.

Letting Go
Take a couple minutes out of your day to scan your body. Lay down in a position of comfort and have someone read this to you in a soothing voice!

  1. Close your eyes and begin by inhaling and exhaling, allowing your rib cage to raise and fall naturally as you breath.
  2. Start at the top of your head and contract each muscle on your face and let it go into a position of ultimate comfort, parting your lips and allowing your tongue to float to the top of your mouth.
  3. Shrug your shoulders to your ears. Now allow your shoulder blades to melt down your back, arms fall out, hands turn up towards the sky.
  4. Draw your attention to your breastbone and allow it to melt down into the floor.
  5. Are you in tune with your internal organs? Thinking about your stomach, heart and lungs, allow them to sink deep into your thorax.
  6. Send your legs out and away from you. Now allow them to sink into the floor, feet falling outwards.
  7. Curl your toes, allow them to rest.
  8. Spend 5 minutes in this position of comfort and allow all tension to release from your body.
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